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Meditation Goes Mainstream Meditation Goes Mainstream

Bank Employees Meditate

Osho, his meditations and the practice of Reiki have entered the doors of one of Italy's major banks, Instituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino. The personnel officer for the Turin bank had been looking for a Reiki master to include in the employees' leisure program. Among those interviewed was Prem Meena of the Turin Osho Information Center. She shared her experience of Osho and his meditations, as well as her background in Reiki. One year later the program was approved by the bank's board of directors, and Meena got the job.
     Her weekend program, which included Nataraj, Gibberish, Nadabrahma and Kundalini meditations as well as Reiki, was held at the bank's beautiful sports club in the country, set amongst trees, tennis courts and swimming pools. At the end of the weekend the participants shared their impressions of the impact of the meditations, mentioning that driving home the day before, they'd already noticed quite a different attitude towards the chaotic traffic – they felt centered and peaceful. They reported how astonished they were at the crazy way people behave in rush hours, and then realized that that was how they were also living their lives.

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(TV report)

Meditation is fast arriving amongst the top Norwegian business leaders. Maybe not so strange when, as research results show, it can prevent diseases as serious as heart attacks and cancer.
     "This is Hans Aanonsen, vice-president of Kreditkassen (one of Norway's largest banks). He is on his way to the most important meeting of his day [smart looking young executive in suit and tie shown entering Osho Devananda Meditation Center in Oslo].
     [He says]: "For me this has become part of my life. Some must have bread and juice and cod liver oil in the morning. I feel I need a dose of this. This opens up the channels. I felt that I somehow needed to improve in communication and with personal relations with other people. I felt in a way that I didn't always get my message across, and I didn't always hear what others were saying."
     [Interviewer:] Does this mean that you have become a better vice-president than before?
     "I feel that I have become more efficient in my job. Then others can decide whether I have become better!"
     New American research shows that meditation can prevent heart disease, and some insurance companies in the US now favor customers who meditate daily. [cut to Dr George Meredith]
     "Research in meditation has been going on for many years, and it has shown to be effective in numerous areas of health. In fact if there was a tablet which could do what meditation has been proven to do it would be a best seller, without a doubt. The chief cardiologist at the Beth Israel Hospital in New York commenting on meditation...his words were, "It is almost medical malpractice not to offer it."
     [Shot of last stage of Kundalini and the banker, dressed in suit and, tie and glasses again, obviously happy, and smiling]
     He says through his laughter, "It is damned good! I am damned happy!"

From Norwegian TV-2, National TV Nine o'clock news

     In two companies that introduced meditation, managers and employees who regularly practiced meditation improved significantly in overall physical health, mental well-being, and vitality, when compared to control subjects with similar jobs in the same companies.
     Meditation practitioners also reported significant reductions in health problems such as headaches and backaches, improved quality of sleep, and a significant reduction in the use of hard liquor and cigarettes, compared to personnel in the control groups.

Anxiety, Stress and Coping, International Journal 6: 245-262, 993.

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