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Meditation, the Best Medication

Meditation, the Best Medication

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June 24 1996

Beginning today, meditators around the world will be paying tribute to Osho's Dynamic Meditation, by doing the Dynamic in this first-time-ever global happening, writes Vani Dayal.

     Twenty-two years into the Osho movement now and the confusions around this contemporary revolutionary, who rewrote every known ideology and religious tradition, are melting. Osho's basic precept was "Be open and honest. Enjoy life and love yourself," and he demonstrated quite simply how, through his path-breaking meditations, which he believed were the treasure of one's being.
     Dubbed the master of de-programming, Osho devised Dynamic Meditation "for contemporary man, who can't silence his mind" – and bears his burden unnecessarily to the end. Dynamic meditation is the most powerful among the seven active meditations that Osho devised. He called it "an active form of psychological dry cleaning " to throw out one's own chaos, the scars of social conditioning, unresolved emotion and even the most unconscious behavior mechanisms. Using deep catharsis as a base, it exposes, surgerises and heals a person. Life is then a celebration, meditation a means to that end and, meditation the best medicine.

     Paying tribute to Osho's Dynamic Meditation, which helps you to live out your full potential, meditators around the world will be spreading a lot of meditative energy globally by doing Dynamic Meditation in their part of the world. So, be it at the Oswal Panchayat Bhavan, Nana Peth in Pune, the Czech republic, Slovenia, south Italy, the Solomon Islands or Uzebekistan, time-pieces will ring, and collective repressions of long and first-time meditators will be released in this first time ever global happening! All around Dynamic meditators will be wearing badges saying, "Let's wake up together." There will be sharings, on-line communications, daily update bulletins from all centers worldwide, and special breakfasts to stimulate a group feeling.

     Why 21 days? By Osho's reckoning, it takes over seven days to settle, another seven days to feel the new dimensions, and still seven more to feel completely at home. Admittedly there are some difficult moments in the physically and emotionally hard Dynamic meditation, but this prepares one to handle life's difficulties without collapsing.
     The trademark of all Osho's meditations is to mobilize energy systems. Savita, co-editor of the Osho Times International, sums up Dynamic Meditation as "an express route to getting a glimpse of meditation." Germans Pramada and Panthen will be leading the Dynamic Meditation at the Osho [Meditation Resort], Pune, for the stipulated 21 days.

     What is known is that Dynamic Meditation can help you to drop your limitations and really make a new beginning. Indeed life supporting, it was introduced in Tihar jail in 1993; the UN and the Pentagon have practiced it too. An exclusive health club in London used it sometime back to sweat minds along with bodies. Borrowing from Osho, this is a holistic approach "for you are bodymind, psychosomatic."
     Buddhist monks in Fremantle, Australia, do Dynamic instead of sitting endlessly in the lotus position – which is the common concept of meditation. Swede busdrivers are paid to do it. Even the Tata management training Center's (TMTC) Dr Francis Menezes, essentially a behavioral scientist, recognizes its scientific basis for stress management. So besides having practiced it on himself for three years continuously, he has applied it on young executives in the management development process.
     A keen observation about the efficacy of Dynamic Meditation comes from a German professor in sociology: "What is needed is a mirror that helps us to look at ourselves. Dynamic is such a mirror. That is why I stand huffing and puffing like an express train, driven by the sound of frenzied drums." Once your clogged arteries turn into a river-like flow, you are revitalized and hence, better able to cope with the world.

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