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Siamo al lavoro!

Meditation Goes Mainstream
Meditation Goes Mainstream

How can one sustain the inner peace in the pressured lifestyle of the West?

      ... If it cannot be sustained in the pressure, it is not of worth. Any meditation that is of worth will be alive even in the marketplace. Because a marketplace is nothing once you attain to the meditative state. No market can disturb it; no market can distract you from it. It becomes like breathing.
     In fact, you will feel it more in the marketplace than in the Himalayas, because in the Himalayas, the contrast will be missing. If you have really taste what aloneness is, you will feel it more in the crowd than on a Himalayan peak, because in the crowd, the contrast….

• Write On!

    "I have always found it very easy to connect with people, but now through the impact of meditation I am more able to give them their space."


• Spiritual Aerobics

     "So, it's important to regularly give energy to our center through some meditative technique, in order to stay connected and aware in daily life – that's the key for me."


• Portrait of the Artist as a Young Meditator

"I know if I didn't do this meditation regularly I would be a lot more crazy!  By that I mean: when I am stressed, I can't breathe properly; there is so much to do that feels important. I feel I am not good enough as I am, that I can't be what others want me to be.

"But in meditation I am me – and that's enough."


• Living in the Vertical Reality

     "Using even one of the many techniques above can change how you experience everyday life. I know that I could not continue to survive – in any meaningful sense of the word – in the world without meditation as my foundation."


• Diamond Days

"I call my work 'Objective Art' jewelry, and people ask, 'What do you mean by that?'
They love the idea that they can use their jewelry not just to decorate their body but to remind them of something a little deeper about themselves."


• A Job to Jump Out of Bed For

     "Certainly, being a meditator enables me to see the potential and beauty in nature and then to translate those elements into an object that resonates with meditativeness – with space and silence."


• Of Cats and Consciousness

"Simply asking myself: 'What am I feeling and where am I feeling that in my body?' can be grounding and stabilizing. When I make a decision from meditative equipoise I have a better chance of a positive result."


• Passionately Involved With the Ordinary

     "Probably the most important thing I've learned from Osho is that happiness is a natural state and misery requires work."


• Immersed In the Eternal Now

     "One begins to enjoy the sober consciousness of waking bliss as one's 'default' state and the challenges and vicissitudes of life are viewed more and more as exhilerating opportunities to further the continuing unfoldment of one's mysterious essential nature."


• In Search of the Stillpoint

"The whole thing is about meditation, not decoration. Art is my meditation because it takes me to a still point."


• The Icing On the Cake

"I know meditation has an impact on the collective unconscious of the clinic. We've been doing it for three years now and it feels like one of the most intelligent things the medical director has asked everybody to do."


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